Dog Photography Sessions: Diamond at Hoyt Arboretum

Not too long ago, I was fortunate enough to be hired by Tina and Tara. We met at an event where I was shooting photos in NW Portland. They bestowed what I felt to be a great honor upon me, which was to photograph their beautiful, lively girl named Diamond who had developed cancer. It felt fulfilling to provide them with quality memories. It was a special opportunity that I was glad to be a part of, so when they reached out to me again a week or so ago as the Fall colors started hinting at change, I was pretty eager to get back into the rare air of those moments.  Getting to hang out with Diamond again was itself a prize.

The session took place at Hoyt Arboretum, where Diamond and her BFF, Diva, enjoy their evening walks. I hope you enjoy these photos of this awesome family. These are a selection from the full shoot._K1A9599_K1A9607_K1A9643_K1A9704_K1A9739_K1A9775_K1A9799_K1A9786_K1A9821_K1A9831_K1A9869_K1A9897_K1A9936_K1A9974_K1A9912

Interested in having memories captured of your pup? Check this out or contact me.


I’m Jonathan Sims.  I am a photographer operating out of the Portland, OR area.  My wife, Kayla, our pup Aster and I have a fairly large range in terms of how far we will go for adventure (and to meet you and your pups).

Ready Aim Fur is a project I started as a combination of three passions: photography, going on adventures, and hanging out with dogs.  I’ve been told that I’m quite talented with the latter.  The aim of this is to engage you and your beloved furry ones in a rewarding experience, whether it be a breath-taking hike or a day at the local park, and for me to document the adventure.  You walk away with immortalized memories and perhaps a deepened bond with your dogs.  Are you ready?  Contact me via the contact page or you can always interact with me on the Ready Aim Fur Instagram.

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