I looked up from my fumblings in my camera bag and stared down the beach. For a moment the husky was gone. Then there was a faint whip of white, the tip of a fluffy flag tail sailing jovially down the beach. Kito was a quarter mile away, and had covered that distance in the time I had spent switching from a telephoto to a 50mm; it was portrait time, or so I had thought. Explosions of seagulls marked her progress further away. My shot list seemed a strange concept at the moment.

Days prior, I had thought out the impending 60 minutes that I would spend with Kito. Having been to the location before, an isolated crescent of shoreline, I plotted photo ops in the different crags, pools, and hillsides. The evening of, I rehearsed my clever plans during the drive from Portland to meet Kito and her family. My confidence waxed.

“I’ve structured this so well.”

My structure had a flaw: I had made it. The framework for the hour truly belonged to Kito, and as I knelt in the sand, hands considering switching back to the long lens, I considered that I was there to react to her framework. My role was to simply be ready.

With the proper balance established in our relationship, Kito led me from one end of the beach to the other, challenging seagulls and plowing through the shallow surf. She paused every now and then to check on her young human siblings or to ponder an abstract pile of bones and feathers. I had the luck to get a salty smooch or two when her path of adventure just happened to be line with where I crouched.

She seemed to take in the coast in its entirety, and I felt very content documenting her experience. The scripted moments were few and involved fair payment in treats to justify taking her away from her wanderings. Otherwise, it was just Kito. Kito as she enjoyed an evening at the beach – and the simplicity of that was beautiful.

Husky at the beach on the coast of Oregon in the Pacific NorthwestHusky at the beach on the coast of Oregon in the Pacific NorthwestHusky at the beach on the coast of Oregon in the Pacific NorthwestKitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-5KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-6KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-7KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-8KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-12KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-13KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-14KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-15KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-16KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-17KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-18KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-19KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-20KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-21KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-22KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-23KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-24KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-25KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-26KitohuskyatcrescentbeachWM-27kitojumptrioofemotionskito

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I’m Jonathan Sims.  I am a photographer operating out of the Portland, OR area.  My wife, Kayla, our pup Aster and I have a fairly large range in terms of how far we will go for adventure (and to meet you and your pups).

Ready Aim Fur is a project I started as a combination of three passions: photography, going on adventures, and hanging out with dogs.  I’ve been told that I’m quite talented with the latter.  The aim of this is to engage you and your beloved furry ones in a rewarding experience, whether it be a breath-taking hike or a day at the local park, and for me to document the adventure.  You walk away with immortalized memories and perhaps a deepened bond with your dogs.  Are you ready?  Contact me via the contact page or you can always interact with me on the Ready Aim Fur Instagram.

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  1. What a great way to spend your time. Beautiful photos, gorgeous happy pup, and sunshine !! My favorite….The tip of the tongue! Such concentration on her face. Wonderful photography !!


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